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Choose VT Photography to be your reliable, fast processing and professional Real Estate Photographer in Minnesota. VT Photography offers affordable, High Quality HDR Real Estate Photography in Minnesota using high end photography equipment and state of the art editing software. VT Photography creates stunning, professional photos of real estate, commercial properties and special events. There are multiple packages to fit any budget and property size.


Each photo package includes:

Arrow Bullet Basic editing and color enhancements
Arrow Bullet Natural, HDR, OR Artistic photo styles — your choice — compare — (HDR = high dynamic range)
Arrow Bullet Web ready images via download link or email (zip file)
Arrow Bullet Photo gallery with custom web address — your choice of gallery style — samples
Arrow Bullet Next business day delivery
Arrow Bullet Easy on-line ordering and quotes
Arrow Bullet Print quality photos available

Arrow Bullet Advanced photo editing available


Real Estate Photo Gallery Options

Flashy Real Estate Photo Gallery


Simple Real Estate Photo Gallery



Dynamic Real Estate Photo Gallery


Responsive Real Estate Photo Gallery




Flashy: Flash based gallery. Viewers may need to download and install flash if their browser is not up to date. Does NOT auto-resize for mobile devices, and can pose some issues on mobile devices.

Simple: Safe and browser friendly gallery. Does NOT auto-resize for mobile devices, but should work on nearly any device.

Dynamic: Safe and browser friendly gallery. DOES auto-resize for most mobile devices, and should work on nearly any device.

Responsive: Safe and browser friendly gallery. DOES auto-resize for mobile devices and should work on nearly any device. May take a moment to preload images.


Real Estate Photo Gallery Features

Real Estate Photo Gallery Options


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Minnesota 360 degree virtual tour

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360 Degree Minnesota Virtual Tour Features


VT Photography creates stunning 360° professional, high quality, realistic, artistic, interactive virtual tours that makes any visitor feel like they just stepped foot on the door step. Increase your business traffic, and sales interactions by showing potential clients what you have to offer. We can create beautiful, breathtaking virtual tours for ANY INDUSTRY; Bars, Restaurants, Sports Venues, Event Venues, Country Clubs, Golf Courses, Healthcare Facilities, Real Estate, Homes, Commercial Properties, Universities, Schools, Hotels, Resorts, Campgrounds, Car Dealerships, Events and many more!


Arrow Bullet Easy Navigation
You can easily click through our tours from area to area and browse at a full 360 degrees. Easily click through or sit back and auto-play the tour.

Arrow Bullet Interactive
We can easily integrate maps, flyer's, floor plans, sales materials, videos, photo galleries, website links, social networking and more directly into your virtual tour.

Arrow Bullet Branding
Our tours can be customized to match your brand and color schemes to help promote and communicate your brand from the start. We can add your logo and information throughout the tour.

Arrow Bullet Voice-Over Audio
We can integrate voice-over comments during any of our tours. We can integrate you talking over the tour or video, show video clips of you explaining the tour and what you offer or simply let us provide professionally voiced premium audio. Virtual Tours can also include music.

Arrow Bullet Social Networking
Maximize your reach by using social networking to show off your tour and reach a much larger audience.

Arrow Bullet Integration
We can embed your on-line tour quickly and easily into your website and it is cross browser friendly as well as mobile friendly.